Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Professional Flash Lite Mobile Development Download

Discover how to create Flash Lite mobile apps from the ground up

Adobe Flash is an ideal choice for developing rich interactive content for "Flash-enabled" mobile devices; and with this book, you'll learn howto create unique applications with Flash Lite. Through a series of codesamples and extensive example applications, you'll explore the core concepts, key features, and best practices of the Flash Lite player. Coverage reveals various ways to develop Flash mobile content, create applications with a cross-platform programming framework based on the Model, View and Controller concept, and use a number of open web and device manufacturer service APIs.

Professional Flash Lite Mobile Development:

* Looks at Adobe Flash Professional and Adobe Device Central, the essential tools used in developing and testing Flash mobile device content
* Explores object-oriented programming as well as the PureMVC framework
* Shares techniques for extending the capabilities of mobile devices
* Provides detailed insight into using audio, video, and images in applications
* Introduces ways to extend Flash mobile apps beyond the features of the Flash Lite Player
* Walks you through packaging and distributing complete Flash Lite mobile apps to different mobile platforms

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J. G. Anderson, "Professional Flash Lite Mobile Development"
Wrox | 2010 | ISBN: 0470547480 | 576 pages | PDF | 29,4 MB

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